flesh and art in motion...

she moves just like a real girl!

the linonophobic marionette
9 October 1972
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agent pendergast, alan rickman, alternate realities, amateur photography, anthropomorphism, archery, bastet, bawdy bardics, boba tea, brazilian, bubastis, bubble baths, burning things, butterflies, caitlin r. kiernan, captain hook, cereulean, chaostars, chris connelly, cirque du soleil, cliffdiving, clive barker, clockworks, compass roses, cooking for friends, corsetry, crayons, crepuscular, crispin glover, crowley, crying as a release, dali, dancing barefoot, dark chocolate, dark comedy, david bowie, dj'ing, drew barrymore, driving fast, duran duran, eccentricities, edward gorey, elizabeth hand, erotic horror, eyeliner designs, eyes, fairy tales, faith no more, fallen angels, farscape, fire opals, fondue, full body massages, gary oldman, gross point blank, gypsy, handmade candles, hard nipples, hedonism, hellsing, hentai, high intellect, his dark materials, horror films, intimacy, intricate interlocking, iridescent, jewel tones, johnny depp, kaleidoscopes, kali, kittens, leather, lexx, library science, light bondage, loquatiousness, lucid dreaming, luxurious beds, magick, masks, medieval societies, moonlight on naked flesh, mosaic, moths, neil gaiman, never enough ninjas, nightswimming, nikola tesla, overanalyzing, ozma of oz, patchwork, perfume oils, personalized soundtracks, pirates, pleasant surprises, poe, poetry slams, pointy bits, political honesty, pomegranates, poppy z. brite, portishead, pressed faeries, puppetry, puss in boots, rainstorms, raku, rasputina, renaissance faires, riddles, samurai cat, scars, scarves, self-evolution, sensory deprivation, seth green, shapeshifters, silver, skin, sleep, social engineering, solitude, splatterpunk, stained glass, steam punk, stream of conscience, string instruments, striped tights, tarot, temporal anomalies, the buried child, the dreaming, the pixies, the white worm, the wrongness, thigh-high boots, thrift stores, tiamat, time alone, tributes, twisted wit, velvet, victorian, voluminous skirts, water, werewolves, wet grass, wings, zoe
There is a crack
That's how the light gets in.

~Leonard Cohen

it doesn't matter much what i say here, as you'll likely never know me...and if you do, then you know that i defy description.
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